Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't get Mammograms until you are 50?

We were told today that women don't need a mammogram until they are 50. I have a lot of friends that are women, and to risk their health to save a few bucks really concerns me to say the least. What bother me even more is that when you connect the dots our health care system is in jeopardy.

Connect the Dots
  • Government run agency makes a recommendation that will save money
  • Government wants to run health care to save money
  • Government health care will adopt this policy

If my bullet points are correct then it is a safe to assume that mammograms will not be covered under the age of 50. That infuriates me !! Lets take it just one more baby step further. What if they decide that the current disease modifying drugs for multiple sclerosis are not cost effective. Will I no longer have the ability to afford a drug that has been proven to stave off this debilitating disease .

I am all for more people being covered, I am all for cutting costs in our mammoth health care system. Yes we have very expensive health care in America, but it is the best in the world. When someone gets sick in the world, where do they want to go for treatment? I hope I am wrong but I have yet to see a government agency outperform the private sector. Let's all hope that common sense prevails when it comes to these policies.