Saturday, July 10, 2010

Beating the Heat in Spite of Multiple Sclerosis

Can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen? Doesn't really help when everything you want is in the kitchen. That is my pun-metaphor-cliche referring to this darn weather keeping me from going outside. It was particularly difficult to explain to the kids why daddy couldn't come to the soccer game. That is not a problem anymore since the kids are older and not in youth soccer any longer. However I still would like to go outside during the summer. Thankfully I have quite the collection of heat beating gadgets. My favorite and least expensive is the Misty Mate (pictured above) This inexpensive device has saved the day many times for me. It works best in high heat and lower humidity as it depends on evaporation for the cooling to work. At under $30 it is well worth it.

Cooling Vests


There are a staggering amount of choices in the marketplace now, the picture on the left I can vouch for as I used it in Lake Mead a few years ago. It did a great job for several hours in 90 degree heat. I bought the one with replaceable cooling packs(I kept them in a cooler), which was handy for the extra trip to the Grand Canyon that day. The picture on the right is made by Artic Online, I have not used it, but my Facebook friends speak very highly about it. It looks very well made and I was impressed with documentation on the site.

CoolMax Polo

Not only do I embroider these quite often, I wear them too. They really work! As with many of the cooling products they do not work as well in high humidity. Manufacturer description - CoolMax , a Great Way to Keep Your CoolLook and feel comfortable in CoolMax. Our newest polo lets you dress for dinner without sacrificing vacation relaxation. Made of the comfortable, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant CoolMax knit

Since skiing is not an option anymore for me and it is cold here in NY. I spend way too much time inside during the winter I refuse to spend all summer inside too. If anyone has any suggestions for their favorite product please leave it in the comments below

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  1. For some reason this is coming up as my husband's account. Sorry about that.

    I know it may sound silly and it really will only help the ladies (haven't figured out how to make it useful for men).

    It's really a very inexpensive idea too which is very good for me. Those little "jug" looking freeze-gel packs work great if you stick them in a child's sock and put them in your bra. I'm not sure how it will work for the less endowed women since all my family is, umm, big chested.

    I can stay out in the heat longer if I put one of those between the girls and have a wet hand towel handy. I live in a high humidity area so those products that rely on evaporation for cooling don't work well here.

    I've put towels in an ice chest to keep them cold (not wet) and sat on them. That helps for a little while too. (Haven't tried freezing a wet towel yet but I will soon! ;)